Do you know an INGENIOUS way to DRAIN the SWAMP and END BIG $$ and DARK $$ CORRUPTION within weeks or months, NOT years, decades or centuries?

(This site is produced for the benefit of the People of the United States and the World.)

We do. We also know how to PREVENT BIG $$ and DARK $$ corruption from ever interfering with our nation, society and lives ever again… and we can PROVE it.

Here’s a simple FACTBIG $$ and DARK $$ CORRUPTION is the ROOT of ALL our problems in dealing with every issue we face and experience as individuals and members of society. This is also true for people in every other nation in the world. 

The sooner we END BIG $$ and DARK $$ CORRUPTION, the sooner all our other issues and problems will become simpler to solve and more importantly, PREVENT from re-occurring.

As TIME magazine’s Man of the Century in 1999 observed: 

     “Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses PREVENT them.” – Albert Einstein

There are lots of smart people in the world, but we need more geniuses. 

Our Founder has discovered and proven how we can create more geniuses to END BIG $$ and DARK $$ CORRUPTION, simply, quickly, powerfully and effectively… within months, NOT years, decades or centuries.

Just imagine Universal Health Care, reducing &/or eliminating military assault weapon sales, gun violence, overwhelming economic disparity, poverty, hunger, homelessness, voter suppression, gerrymandering, vote theft, election theft, endless stupid wars, toxic tax and trade policies, insane deficits, and remediating global warming & climate change, etc., etc., etc.

If you agree that BIG $$ and DARK $$ CORRUPTION is our #1 problem, please familiarize yourself with everything on this site, send the link to friends, join and support our efforts. Within months, we know we will succeed. Our next step is to produce a new film that will change the world, galvanize the masses, and end BIG $$ and DARK $$ CORRUPTION by empowering the People to make it happen… BEFORE the 2020 election!

If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring a speaking event or engagement by our Founder, you can contact us by signing up and sending an email to “WEBMASTER at”.

For anyone interested in supporting our new film project, we’ll set up a page for financial contributions and crowd sourcing within the next few days and a GoFundMe page.

– Thanks for your interest! –