Does 45%-50% UNEMPLOYMENT in the NEXT 5-10 YEARS scare you?  If so, and you need MOTIVATION, read the articles to the following links:

The TRUTH about our Environment

Do you TRUST Stephen Hawking, the world’s most emanate living physicist, considered possibly the smartest living person on Earth? Here’s what he says about Global Warming:

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Scientific consensus dictates that the current unusual warming of our planet is caused by dumping excessive amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere equating currently to over 2 TRILLION TONS above normal, raising our temperature over 1 degree Celsius, without taking into account activities enacting global dimming to reduce the mean temperature of the Earth by at least 1 degree C. If we took out all the  particulates from commercial air traffic, we would be 1 degree higher again (Celsius). 2 degrees C puts us at risk of massive starvation as our ability to produce food is threatened. Our survival will then become extremely difficult. Anything above 2 degrees C threatens our survival and that of all other mammals and species. We are on a trajectory to exceed that dramatically BEFORE the end of this century, by a factor of 3 or more times that amount (several degrees).

Methane Hydrates in a Nutshell:

Methane is a bigger problem. Methane is 70 times worse than CO2 in the first twelve (12) year “half life”.  Over the course of a century, Methane is 21 times worse than CO2. There are 14 TRILLION tons of it in and on the Arctic sea floor, now thawing and bubbling to the surface… and more is thawing in the Tundra in the northern land masses. There are 75-150 TRILLION tons of methane estimated on the planet.

Just doing the math on the threat of Arctic sea floor Methane is as follows: 14 TRILLION tons of Methane can warm the planet by well over 100 degrees Celsius. As the planet warms, the rate of increasing temperatures accelerates! We are at risk of basking in a climate with a mean temperature of 250 degrees Celsius or HIGHER, potentially up to 490 degrees C or HIGHER. Multiply these numbers by 1.8 to convert to Farenheit. How long will you or your children survive in a 450 degree oven? This is the most urgent crisis threatening humans and ALL FORMS OF LIFE, plants and animals, including all mammals. We are manifesting a planet that will be devoid of any plant and animal life completely, just like Mars, Venus and Mercury!

 If you are under 30 years old, Planet EARTH will become uninhabitable in YOUR LIFETIME.

 If we don’t make drastic changes and remediate the damages we’ve already done, and are doing, we’re quite literally TOAST! Politicians don’t want you to know this. They don’t care about YOU… even  though they’re going to die too!  What more proof do you need of their self-centeredness and STUPIDITY?

If you don’t believe me, take a look at what Stephen Hawking says:


Real Freedom is being in control over our own lives, determining what laws we agree to live by and not being exploited by a few people whose ulterior motives are to exploit us. We can ONLY secure our FREEDOM, PEACE and SAFETY by EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT to what laws we agree to live by.

The BENEFITS are simple: More Freedom, Peace, Love, Safety and PROSPERITY… FOR ALL OF US AND FUTURE GENERATIONS.

The ALTERNATIVE? Imagine a world with no animals or plants at all… and the horror of being alive as it devolves into such a state. It is already happening NOW. It will only get worse. Global warming DENIERS need to re-educate themselves very quickly… and We the People need to take control of remediation IMMEDIATELY… and on a global scale.