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The Most POWERFUL Book in the World

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If you think that the American system of government is broken and want a PERMANENT SOLUTION to FIX it, you'll find two remedies on this site.  First, "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" is the MOST POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE book to fix our socio-political problems in the world.  

We GUARANTEE IT.  In fact, if you can show us a better solution than what is in this book, we'll gladly promote yours instead.  So far, no one has... or can.  The simple TRUTH is that there isn't a better one.  Hence, give yourself the gift of this little book, RISK FREE.

If you don't agree that "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" is one of the best books you've ever read in your life, and is the most effective solution you can find to stop all the looting and larceny being done to "We the People" by politicians, judges and corporations,, we'll give you ALL of your money back (including shipping) upon request (by email) within 60 days of your purchase.  So far, no one has ever asked us for a refund. 

Our guarantee is limited to one (1) book per customer per order for 60 days from the date of purchase.  As an additional incentive to spread the wisdom in the book, we will sell you your 1st copy for WHATEVER PRICE YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY (plus $3.50 for shipping and handling).  We make this offer and guarantee because we know "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" is without question, one of the most important books ever written in human history.  We've lost count of the number of readers who agree with us. 

"EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" is as good as we say... and THIS IMPORTANT!!  Most of our customers tell us they read it several times.  Many carry it with them constantly in their purses or pockets.

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To order your own copy of "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" and "PayWhatYouWant", click the PAYPAL link on the left hand column and follow the simple instructions.  We'll process your order right away! 

We do not sell the book in digital form.  We think it is more important to read it in physical form.  Many of our readers highlight and make notes as they read it.

Additionally, check out our GREAT NEW BUMPER STICKERS.  You'll love them!  You can educate others as you drive your car! 

If you want to buy a great, inexpensive gift for someone you love, "EXERCISING our RIGHT to CONSENT" is one they'll love!! 

We do "flat rate" shipping of $3.50 per order, regardless of quantities. 

We've had customers buy up to 75 copies to give to their friends after reading it.  There's no greater endorsement to us than people putting their money where their mouth is!  We truly appreciate all our customers and look forward to adding you to our list.